Kelly Reid

Spring Forward with Resilience

Kelly Reid learned from her parents early on how to put a problem in perspective; assess the situation; and get yourself moving forward. Her real life has put those principles to the test. Kelly will talk about the ability she developed and that each of us has to adapt and grow.

Barnali Khuntia

Spring Forward with Activism

Barnali Khuntia is a former actress and singer who is now using her voice to advocate for others. Barnali is springing forward as an activist to challenge others in her Indian-American community and in Downers Grove and beyond to seek equity and inclusion for all.

Heather Pleune

Spring Forward with Energy

Heather Pleune, like many women, felt like she was giving and caring from a well that was running dry. Heather will share with us how she found and feels more loved/loving and enlivened by the energy work that is her passion and is available to and through each of us.

You're invited to Follow Your Heart: an opportunity for women in our community to share their stories and for you to contemplate yours.


Dana Murphy felt a call to create and carry out a "bucket list" that was both enjoyable and achievable. She'll tell us why and how she's pursuing the life experiences she desires and about the midlife career change she made.


Ann Sassano found that following her heart meant allowing her adult children to follow theirs — in ways she hadn't expected. Doing so opened her own heart in amazing ways, including important work to support others with eating disorders.

"We're real women like you who are sharing from the deep journeys we've been on — what we've learned through significant personal experience and extensive training and study. Our hope is to now help you on your own path to greater well-being and wholeness."

$10 at Door

Doors open at 7 pm. Program portion: 7:30-8:45 pm. Time to connect before and after program.

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