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January 2019 Gathering:  Shift Happens

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Change is the only constant in life so you think we’d be used to it by now! But how good are we at shifting perspectives, attitudes and energies as our lives invite or demand?  A New Year exploration of SHIFT: ways we can change our lives and let our lives change us - whatever happens.



Janice Deal

A novelist and writer of short stories, Janice Deal says that her work helps her to navigate the world and to process what it means to be human.  Like the characters she writes about, Janice is facing change in her own life: the stranger than fiction truth of her young daughter leaving home to live in a kung fu academy in China. Janice will share some of that story; the inspiration for her writing; and a reading of her work.

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Riley Hunter Cooper

Riley Hunter Cooper grew up not wanting to be like her mother and set out to make a very different life for herself. It wasn’t until her mother’s passing that she saw how much their lives actually mirrored one another’s with the goals and struggles they shared. Riley wrote a book about it - for herself and to help others - chronicling the mid-life shift she experienced as she came to appreciate her mother’s journey and her own.

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Margo Tirado

As a psychotherapist with over twenty-five years of clinical experience, Margo Tirado has spent approximately 40,000 hours observing the human spirit. One of the big issues she’s witnessed in women is the loss of their instinctual, natural self — and the authenticity and aliveness that go with it. Margo will help us understand how to shift from domesticating our desires to activating our wild hearts!

February 2019 Gathering:  Heart Starts

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Love, loss, laughter ... can each awaken our hearts in an instant. What happens to us and through us, in and after those "heart starts" was the focus of our February gathering. Hear the unique and heartfelt perspectives of three wonderful women.


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Donna Marino

Donna Marino knows that what startles the heart can also jumpstart it.  Her heart for healing more fully emerged after multiple shocks to it, including the loss of her beloved father on September 11th.  Donna shares how she's healed and grown and hopes to help others do the same as a psychologist and life coach, choosing to be a survivor and a light in the world.

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Sonu Marchioretto

When she was just six years old, Sonu Marchioretto moved halfway around the world from India to the United States.  She loved it immediately and even talked her unhappy mother into staying in this strange, new land that excited her so much.  Sonu told us about her heart for America, then and now, as an immigrant, and why she loves the USA.

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Laura Eboli

Laura Eboli says she loves life and tries to find humor in every situation, even when she shouldn't!  Her heart for life and laughter may have something to do with growing up in her family's funeral home.  Opting not to be a mortician, Laura is a creative director and copywriter; an entrepreneur; and a fun-seeker who tries to make the most of every moment.

March 2019 Gathering:  Spring Forward


It’s the season to Spring Forward and that’s what our three March speakers will exemplify. From resilience to activism to energy work, three amazing women encourage us to spring forward in our lives.


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Kelly Reid

Kelly Reid learned from her parents early on how to put a problem in perspective; assess the situation; and get yourself moving forward. Her real life has put those principles to the test. Kelly will talk about the ability she developed and that each of us has to adapt and grow.

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Barnali Khuntia

Barnali Khuntia is a former actress and singer who is now using her voice to advocate for others. Barnali is springing forward as an activist to challenge others in her Indian-American community and in Downers Grove and beyond to seek equity and inclusion for all.

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Heather Pleune

Heather Pleune, like many women, felt like she was giving and caring from a well that was running dry. Heather will share with us how she found and feels more loved/loving and enlivened by the energy work that is her passion and is available to and through each of us.

April 2019 Gathering:  Coolaborate!

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Great things happen when we work with one another; when we find synergy in ourselves; and when we creatively conspire with what life brings our way. Our April speakers shows us collaboration is cool!


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Mary Ellen Young + Sandra McDonnell

Mary Ellen Young and Sandra McDonnell's shared passion for empowering young people is well-known in their work with Navigate Adolescence.  The two co-created a book about self-discovery for pre-teen girls and will tell us how having a great partner helps you do the same: find your best self when you're in harmony with yourself and others.

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Teri Beran Kulat

Teri Beran Kulat's spiritual belief that we are all a part of the Whole permeates her unique practice as a collaborative divorce attorney working on teams. Teri will talk about bringing together separate and seemingly opposite perspectives in her work, her life and her relationships, knowing that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

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Susie Carroll

Susie Carroll started taking improv classes to overcome stage fright enough to perform the standup comedy she'd written. She'll speak about what she unexpectedly learned in the process: how trusting her teammates, the audience and herself translated into an increased ability to work with whatever material she is given - on stage and in life.

May 2019 Gathering:  Moms Are People Too

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"Moms Are People Too" is the Everyday Deep way of honoring the real and relatable women (and mothers) we are.



Cindi Roselieb

Cindi learned at a fairly young age that moms are people too. She shares a humorous account of babysitting, a fire and her mom's hilariously out of character response.

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Merry Kaczmerak

Merry realized in many ways that she was just like her mom ... and that was a problem. After lost jobs and relationships, Merry embarked on a powerful journey of peace and healing that happened through hard work and a softened heart.

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Carol Lysne

Carol's claim to fame is that she survived raising six kids born in eight years. She began her counseling career at age 39 and earned her PhD at 77 years old. Carol is indeed a wise woman who will share her amazing story of how love wins.