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September 2019 Gathering:  Follow Your Heart


Following your heart is not as easy or romantic as a motivational image on Pinterest might lead you to believe. It can be hard work and it takes real intention to do and be what your heart is asking of you. Our September stories encourage you to feel and to have passion.


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Ann Sassano

Ann Sassano found that following her heart meant allowing her adult children to follow theirs — in ways she hadn't expected. Doing so opened her own heart in amazing ways, including important work to support others with eating disorders.

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Dana Murphy

Dana Murphy felt a call to create and carry out a "bucket list" that was both enjoyable and achievable. She'll tell us why and how she's pursuing the life experiences she desires and about the midlife career change she made.

November 2019 Gathering:  Humble Pie

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In preparation for Thanksgiving, we’re serving up pie … humble pie, that is. Our November speakers will share their stories of humility / being humbled and how they're grateful for their experiences.


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Dealing with the end of her traditional marriage and in need of money and insurance, the college-educated artist took a humble job as a hospital transporter. Monica will share how she turned a transitional time of her life into gratitude and service and how she continues learning to let go and to seek self-love. She says that it's not what you do, but who you are, that really matters.

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In a broad sense and a big way, humility is how Everyday Deep ever happened. Dale will share why she had all-out avoided being humbled but ultimately was in an intense mid-life crisis. And the result was not what she expected. Dale found joys and gifts she had been hoping for her whole life. Her personal story is actually a universal one about how we can each realize greater wholeness, balance and true humility.