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May 2018 Gathering:  Growing Bolder

Growing older is a fact. Growing bolder is a choice — and living a more wholehearted life depends on it. Please join us to hear three inspiring paths and personal stories of growing bolder through: deepening your faith; following passions; and finding humor.


Terese Burk

Teacher, Mentor and Coach

Growing Bolder through Faith

Terese Burk shared how her journey through significant losses grew her faith and helped her to grow bolder in her approach to life.

About Terese

Terese Burk's ends her emails with a quote by St. Francis of Assisi that says: "Start by doing what is necessary; then, do what is possible; suddenly, you are doing the impossible." It's how Terese followed her faith walk through the significant loss of loved ones. It's also the encouragement she teaches her students to develop the executive function skills they need to become lifelong learners. This too is Terese's faith: to find your purpose and serve others.

Karen Putz

Author, Speaker Passion Mentor

Growing Bolder through Passion

About Karen

Karen Putz is an author, speaker and passion mentor. Encouraging others to live out what brings them alive, she says that "it's not about the age, it's about the attitude." At the age of 44, Karen herself re-discovered her own passion for barefoot water skiing. In her younger years, it was what gave her great joy. It was also what caused her to go from hard of hearing to being completely deaf after a hard fall. Karen will take us her  bold journey to go after her joy.

Katie Dix

Small Business Owner

Growing Bolder through Humor

Katie Dix gave us a lot to laugh about and reminded us about all the good things humor offers us. She and her family spread joy everyday through their family ice cream shop, Capannari's

About Katie

Katie Dix's distinctly "Irish" approach to life is that everything is okay as long as you get a good story out of it.  Katie's life growing up as the middle child of 10 and growing a family ice cream business, among other things, has provided her with a wealth of material to work with. Katie will share some of her humorous accounts along with her message about humor: we all can grow bolder by not taking ourselves or life too seriously.

September 2018 Gathering:  Learn + Live


"Live and Learn" is what we've always been told, but what happens when we come full circle to Learn and Live? In the spirit of Back to School, please join us to hear three women’s active and interesting journeys to what, why and how they were each strongly called to learn and bravely to live ... and ultimately, to teach to others.


Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 10.10.45 AM.pn

Krista Varsbergs

Graphic Designer + Maker

Learning to Express Yourself

Krista Varsbergs shared her artistic journey and insights into the creative process in her talk about "learning to express yourself." If you'd like to see more of Krista's portfolio or to subscribe to her emails, click here.

About Krista

Krista Varsbergs is an artist, maker and graphic designer currently wading through her final year of a Master’s degree in art at the University of Chicago. She's deeply invested in studio practice as a tool for questioning, learning, understanding and connecting.


Jill Chmielwski

Women's Health Coach

Learning to Trust Yourself

Jill Chmielewski encouraged us to listen to our intuition super power when it comes to our bodies, health or anything else! Click here to subscribe to Jill's Tiny Edits, weekly lifestyle emails now.

About Jill

A desire to take a different approach to her own health led nurse Jill Chmielewski to pursue a health coaching certification. Feeling healed, she turned to bridging the gap between conventional and integrative healthcare to help other women experience greater vitality.


Roberta Ward

Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor

Learning to Be With What Is

Roberta Ward provided practical action for us to "learn to be with what is." If you're interested in finding out more about the mindfulness and meditation training Roberta offers, please visit mindfulandwell.com.

About Roberta

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Roberta Ward well knew the impact of stress on one’s well-being but it was a personal crisis that pushed her past her own ability to cope. Learning mindfulness and meditation brought her peace ... and a new vocation as a certified instructor.

October 2018 Gathering:  Facing Your Fears

FEAR ED Graphic.jpg

It’s not the scary stuff of Halloween, but the sometimes frightening challenges of an authentic life that we’re often afraid of. Are you brave enough to think you can make a difference in the world; to believe that you belong; to shine in the spotlight? Join us for a night of daring women sharing their stories (and songs!)


Nancy Economou Headshot.jpg

Nancy Economou

Founder, Watts of Love

On Purpose

Nancy Economou told us about her awesome work with Watts of Love, the international charity she started to provide solar energy and education to those living in poverty. To donate or get involved, visit the website.

About Nancy

It was an overseas trip that brought Nancy Economu face to face with a serious need in the world. Would she, could she help? The only fear greater than following this calling with its obstacles and odds was her fear of not following what she felt God, her heart, was asking her to do. She answered the call to start Watts of Love.


Saba Bando

Personal Development Coach

On Belonging

About Saba

Saba is now helping others as a certified personal development coach, focusing on applied positive psychology tools including: character strengths; resilience and grit training; growth mindset: and conscious parenting. She is certified by The Flourishing Center. To find out more, visit Saba's website here.


Heather Yeager

April Katsafanas

On Stage

Surveys show that more people fear being on stage than they fear death itself! Heather and April will tell us (and show us!) how facing that fear actually helps them feel alive: singing, and playing instruments in local bands and music programs.

About Heather and April

Singers and musicians Heather Yeager and April Katsafanas shared their personal stories and musical talents with us. If you're interested in trying out your own, visit the Garage Band U for more info. 

Nov/Dec 2018 Gathering:  Hidden Gifts

ED Hidden Gifts HorizDarker.jpg

In this season of gifts, the ones we’ll be talking about are the gifts that may be hidden: in us, in others, or in our life experiences. Three amazing women will talk about being able to see and to bring out hidden gifts like gratitude, resilience, validation, and authenticity.



Genene Murphy


Hidden Gifts in Hard Things

Sometimes there's a thing that changes you. Sometimes it's unexpected and sometimes it pushes you beyond an expectation. Genene Murphy shares why she wrestles with saying yes to hard things - and no to secondary gains - and why a brain aneurysm is a hidden reason and gift.

About Genene

Genene Murphy shared her brave journey to find gratitude and choice in the face of uncertainty in the years after a brain aneurysm. Read the written script; more of her creative writing; and contact Genene at her blog, "Better Here Than There." Genene is a business owner, library advocate, connector and a writer.

Shareen Klasing.jpg

Shareen Klasing

Validation Therapist

The Hidden Gifts in Others

About Shareen

Shareen Klasing showed us the beautiful power of deep listening and empathy in finding deep relationship at even difficult times. She is a resident experiences specialist and validation therapist at King Bruwaert House. You can learn more about validation therapy here  and the Available Parent book here.


Rochelle Gorey

Founder + CEO

Spring Four

Why You Can't Hide Your Gifts

For years, not a lot of people knew that fellow mom Rochelle Gorey was also the CEO of a financial tech start-up. She kept a lower profile at work as well until the day came when she could hide her gifts no more. Rochelle talks about the real impact of sharing your gifts with the world.

About Rochelle

Rochelle Gorey told us how her mission, her why — to help others build financial resources — emerged out of her own experience. Rochelle is the founder and CEO of SpringFour, a financial tech company. She and Spring Four have won numerous awards for innovation and leadership. You can learn more about their social impact here.