Share What You Do and What You Care About with Our Community!

Everyday Deep is about supporting and celebrating women in our area. We're happy to announce another way we hope to do so:

The Everyday Deep Directory of Awesome Women Doing Amazing Things (2020)

Good for our community.

We sincerely think our community members would like to know about and support area women pursuing their passions, businesses, vocations and causes.


Good for you.

We want to offer you a low cost way to reach the type of women you'd love to let know what you do.


Good for us.

The fees for listing in the directory are charitable contributions that help us cover our administrative costs. Everyday Deep is now a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Thanks for your support!

We'll be producing:


200 Full-Color Booklets (5.5" x 8.5") to hand out to our event attendees starting in March 2020.

Online Directory on our website, which will have links to your website and contact information.


We'll promote the directory: through a launch email and at the bottom of any emails we send throughout the year. We'll also promote the directory at our gatherings and via posts to our Facebook page/group.

So, if you want:

•  a low cost want to reach potential clients ...

•  to share a passion or cause important to you ...

•. to connect with others in our community ...

•  to support the work Everyday Deep does!

Create Your Listing Now

Deadline: Wednesday, February 15th

(Choose from Three Options)

(sample directory page)

(sample directory listing)

Features your full color photo and image (business card or your art of same size); your contact information plus brief description of what you do.

Cost: $50

(sample cover ad)

Get maximum exposure with a half page, color ad on the back cover or inside front cover of the directory (size: @ 5" x 3.75"). We can help create your ad if you need assistance putting it together.


Limited to first four entries.

Cost: $100

(sample cause ad)

We will create a text only listing to promote the cause you care about. Cost: FREE!

If you have any questions, please email Dale:

Please note: producing the directory depends on sufficient paid participation. If we don't get enough listings to offset costs, we will not be able to produce the directory. If that happens, your listing fee will be refunded in full.