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January 2018 Gathering:  Out with the Old, In with the New?

The New Year is a good invitation to look at your life. Hear a spiritual director, a positive psychology coach and an energy practitioner offer three refreshing ways to approach the opportunity.


Dale Emmet

Spiritual Director

Having a Heart of AND

Dale Emmet claims that it's a heart of AND that helps you bring together the old and known you with the potentially new parts of yourself.

About Dale

Dale has a Spiritual Direction Certificate from The Haden Institute with special interests in Jungian psychology, dream work, and the Hero's Journey. As a spiritual director, she is an ally and guide who companions others on their own path toward greater wholeness, authenticity and aliveness.

Alice Paipa-Lenard

Energy Medicine


The Gift of Winter

Alice Paipa-Lenard shows us the real and metaphorical gift of winter as a season of incubation in between letting go of the old like we do in autumn and preparing for new growth as there is in Spring.

About Alice

Alice has an energy medicine certificate from The Four Winds Society with a special interest in ancestry and passionate living. She also holds a degree in International Studies from DePaul University with a masters in International Environmental Sustainability from Middlebury Institute.

Cindi Roselieb

Positive Psychology Coach

Old Approach vs New Approach

Cindi Roselieb explains how trading in an old wishful thinking approach for science-based practices improves your chances for change.

About Cindi

Cindi is a Social Work graduate of Northern Illinois University and has Certificates in Positive Psychology and Coaching from Wholebeing Institute. Cindi uses her passion for helping people "get unstuck" to guide and encourage others to live their best lives.


February 2018 Gathering:  The Art of the Heart

What can an esteemed painter of "heart art" and a spirited entertainer / author who sees all of life as a giant love song show us about "the art of the heart?"


Maureen Muldoon

Author, actress, spiritual director,

creative coach

A Giant Love Song

Maureen Muldoon shares an intimate look into the big family and moving story of her new memoir, Giant Love Song (Amazon). 

About Maureen

Not many people could pull off a one-woman show but Maureen Muldoon is not like many people. It's just one of Maureen's many avenues of self-expression, including: actress, storyteller, author, creative coach and spiritual director. The consistent call in all of Maureen's work is an invitation to find and share your authentic voice. She gives others that opportunity every month as host of Voicebox, a storytelling event, and as founder of Spiritual Speakeasy, a progressive community that promotes well-being and personal growth. Maureen is the author of Giant Love Song, amazing but true tales of her own life journey. (Maureenmuldoon.com)

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Maureen Claffy

Fine Artist

Love Lives

Maureen Claffy tells us how her activism took the form of designing and fundraising for love and unity billboards around the country.

About Maureen

Maureen Claffy is an artist of the heart. Her "heart art" and other fine artwork has sold to individuals and galleries all over the world. "I paint to encourage others to believe and to serve as a reminder that life is beautiful even when it doesn't seem that way," Claffy says. Maureen will share her curiosity about the heart as a symbol of love; her process for creating; and how she rediscovered her love of painting after a difficult divorce. Maureen has also paired her art skills with her heart skills to recently launch Love Lives USA, a billboard campaign to spread love in these divided times. (Maureenclaffy.com


March 2018 Gathering:  Focus on What Matters

What do a photographer, an entrepreneurial coach and a yoga therapist all have in common? The job of each one — despite their very different vocations — is to help focus on what matters. Come join us to see how their unique perspectives are interestingly related and absolutely relevant to your real life.


Gina Graham


A Photographer's Lens on Life

Gina Graham shares the metaphorical lessons of photography for our real lives: pay attention to the light; see something special; choose your focus point; let go of the shutter; and hold on to the memory created.

About Gina

Gina Graham describes herself as a photographer, writer, health nut, seeker, and most importantly, a mom. She is a self-taught photographer who cherishes natural light and candid moments that are soulful, emotional and authentic. Gina believes in finding the beauty in everyday moments and she is currently working on a personal project that celebrates the impact of inspiring people in our local community. lifelensandlove.com

Patricia Cimino

Life and Positive Mindset Coach

One Step at a Time

Patricia Cimino passionately urged us to forget about the how and just follow our hearts! Through her own authentic journey, we see how we too can be entrepreneurs or absolutely anything.

About Patricia

Patricia Cimino is a certified life and mindset coach, a speaker and an entrepreneur. She helps women "wantapreneurs" build a positive mindset and to master fierce self-care strategies so that they can create a business they're passionate about with clarity, confidence and optimism. Having started several businesses over the years, Patricia loves to spark positivity and possibility into everyone she meets. patriciacimino.com

Laura Jane Mellencamp

Yoga Therapist

+ Instructor

Listening to Your Inner Voice

Laura Jane Mellencamp shares the interesting and inspiring story of following her inner voice from NY to LA to Downers Grove (of all places) to create a yoga community and yoga therapy practice.

About Laura Jane

Laura Jane Mellencamp-Murphy is the founder and director of Yoga Among Friends. For decades, Laura has been sharing yogic teachings and practices to students from all walks of life. She enjoys blending her clinical and counseling training in psychology with her yoga therapy certification to provide her clients with a holistic approach to psychological and emotional imbalances. yogaamongfriends.com


April 2018 Gathering:  Flow

We’re all encouraged to go with the flow, be in the flow, find our flow, etc. but what exactly is flow? Is it of our minds? Our bodies? Our spirits? Come hear the intimate yet expert accounts of three local women on how to experience and improve flow in your mind, in your body and in your spirit — and ultimately, between all three.


Ann Murray

Counselor and

EMDR Therapist

Flow of the Mind

Ann Forde Murray talked to us about right-left brain integration and how EMDR therapy, everyday awareness and self-compassion can help us heal and be more whole. Find out more about Ann's work here.

About Ann

Ann Forde Murray is a psychotherapist and pastoral counselor who helps her clients to discover their own inner resources, wisdom and integrity. As a compassionate companion on their healing and wholeness journeys, Ann utilizes a combination of traditional talk therapy along with EMDR and other mindfulness-based therapies that help release emotional blockages and imbalances to transform them into positive beliefs.

Gail Ann Bradshaw

Dance and

Movement Therapist

Flow of the Body

Gail Ann Bradshaw shared her passion for finding the fullness of life through the gift of the body. To learn more about the programs she offers to feel more deeply rooted, open-hearted and aware, please visit her website Bodyful Connections.

About Gail Ann

Gail Ann Bradshaw has been a Board Certified Dance / Movement Therapist and counselor for over 20 years and has worked in a variety of healthcare and wellness settings. She recently started her own business entitled “BODYful Connections” which offers body-centered programs that cultivate well-being and nurture spiritual growth.  Gail Ann is passionate about experiencing the fullness of life through the gift of the body.

Norine Guy

Contemplative Artist

Flow of the Spirit

Norine Guy gave us a live demo of being in the flow of creativity and our connection to spirit through the artistic process.

About Norine

Norine Guy is a lifelong artist whose creative work is inspired by her love of nature and her deep spirituality. She teaches painting as a holistic practice, helping others to draw closer to the Artist within themselves through centering and contemplation. Working often in water colors, Norine has learned and loves to share the trust and acceptance of going with the flow - of the paint, of life, of Spirit. She regularly holds group and individual sessions.